Top 8 Uses for Embroidered Patches

patchesAt American Patch, we love creating embroidered patches for people – and we love hearing what they’re going to use them for. We’ve created everything from car patches to museum patches, but have found that these eight ideas are what people use them most for:


We create sports patches throughout the year for teams of all ages. Whether it’s a club or a city league, a custom patch is the perfect way show your team spirit and celebrate sports like soccer, baseball, tennis, football, softball, volleyball, or any other sport.


An anniversary is something you want to remember forever, and what better way to remember something than to have it in an embroidered patch? Celebrate wedding anniversaries, achievement anniversaries, birthdays, or other events. (We’ve even created patches for things like the anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first flight.)

Motorcycle Clubs

When you think about a motorcycle club, you think about leather jackets with embroidered patches all over them, right? We can create patches with unique symbols, names, and designs that tie your motorcycle club together in spirit and pride.

Girl Service Troop/Boy Scouts

On Girl Service Troop and Boy Scout vests or sashes, patches symbolize achievements; in a world where young boys and girls are trying to find their individuality, wouldn’t it be great to have them create their very own patch for something they’re proud of? With embroidered patches, they can let their imagination run wild.

Law Enforcement

Whenever you see an individual in a police or security uniform, you’ll likely see an embroidered patch on their shoulder. These patches demonstrate authority and also make others aware of the area that the individual serves. These patches can be made as sew-on or iron-on and can display as much detail as necessary.

Military Uniforms

In the military, patches are a large part of any uniform. The most popular are used to display a person’s rank and which unit they are part of, but there are also ones that commemorate assignments and missions, and those that are simply for pride and spirit.


Want to commemorate breast cancer awareness month? How about your favorite band? Or the holiday you love the most? With embroidered patches, you can commemorate virtually anything you want and display it proudly on your clothing, purse, backpack, collage, or in a frame.


Local organizations like fire companies already use embroidered patches on their uniforms to display the area they serve, but you can create your own custom patches for any organization – whether it’s your book club, a political organization, a small business, a dance company, or any other group.