The Latest Fashion Trends Include Embroidery and Crochet

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When you think of embroidery, you probably think of the floral hoop art that hangs on your grandmother’s wall. And when you think of crocheting, you probably think of the sweater your aunt made you. While the origins of embroidery and crocheting go back thousands of years (and yes, they’re usually hobbies among older people), the art forms are now part of the latest clothing trends.

That’s right – in a world of smartphones, self-driving cars, and drones, a classic hand-crafted technique is adding an antique touch to the world of fashion.


Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen more and more clothing items emerge with decorative embroidery. It started when high-end designers began adding embroidery to jeans (like this pair by Gucci), denim jackets (like this one by Alexander McQueen), and shoes (like these boots by Gianvito Rossi). Soon after, more affordable brands (like Express and Old Navy) began carrying their own adorned jeans, jackets, and shoes, making the trend available to more and more people.

Like embroidery, the art of crochet has also been slowly growing among clothing designers. While some began incorporating it into dresses (like this one by Oscar de la Renta) or shirts (like this one from Jonathan Simkhai), others designed skirts (like this one by Adam Selman) and shorts (like these from Lucien Pellat-Finet). Next, we saw lines like Eddie Bauer and Gap create their own crocheted clothing for the more affordable shopper.

Gaining in Popularity

Both embroidery and crochet have become full-fledged trends in the fashion industry and today, we can find everything from rompers to cardigans to even bathing suits that show off the techniques; while some feature embroidery or crochet as an accent, others make the art the main focus. Some designers have even incorporated embroidery or crochet into accessories like purses, necklaces, and hair pieces.

At our embroidered patch company, we think this latest trend is great! What was once a favorite pastime is now a new clothing feature. Best of all, these are techniques that you can do yourself to add flair to your own clothing. Click here for a how-to guide on adding embroidery to your garments and click here for some great crochet patterns. And if you want to create your own embroidered patches to make even more of a statement, we can help you get started.