So, What Do Morale Patches Mean Anyway?

Morale Patches

History of Morale Patches

At their core, morale patches are an ornamental military insignia. Some experts consider the blood chit, which President George Washington issued in 1793, to be the first morale patch. Military pilots sewed it into their flight jackets. In the early to mid-1900s, World War II pilots created their own patches featuring art from the noses of their planes. Eventually, ground soldiers started to create and wear their own patches as well.

Many morale patches boasted profanity and tongue-in-cheek humor, so the military considered them to be unprofessional. As a result, members of the armed forces stopped sewing the patches into their gear. Instead, Hook & Loop became the backing of choice because it allowed soldiers and pilots to attach and remove the patches at will.

The switch to Hook & Loop was very beneficial in the long run. It allowed military personnel to create bolder, more sarcastic and humorous patches. This freedom has been great for creating comradery and boosting spirits in the field. Aside from that main purpose, the patches symbolize important matters, such as identification for a particular brigade, division or other unit.

Custom Morale Patches

Who Else Wears Patches?

In addition to members of the military, patches are popular among others who protect the country including police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Even canine units wear morale patches on their gear.

Types of Patches

While military personnel started using Hook & Loop several decades ago, it’s still the most popular backing for these types of patches. The ability to remove the patch in a hurry is crucial. In fact, some uniforms are made with Hook & Loop areas where patches can be easily attached.

Morale patches are available in a variety of styles. While embroidered are the most common, woven and dye sublimation patches are also available.

Where to Order Morale Patches

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