Opt for Embroidered Police Badges

badge patch

These days, police forces in many states are opting to switch their traditional uniform badges to badges that are embroidered.

Traditional badges are made from metals like brass and coated with layers of nickel, silver, or gold, so they can be heavy and weigh down an officer’s uniform. Because they’re secured with a pin, badges can also pose a threat to the officer; if someone were to rip the badge off of their uniform, they could use it as a weapon.

When the badge is embroidered, however, officers don’t have to worry about it being too heavy or being used as a weapon. They also won’t have to worry about losing it when they take it off – it can be sewn or ironed right onto their uniform.

At American Patch, we can create beautiful, authentic police badges (along with badges for other organizations like fire departments or security forces). We’ll clearly display your rank and unit, along with any official jurisdiction emblem or symbol that the badge requires. While traditional metal badges take weeks to create, we can have your embroidered badges done quickly so that you’re ready for duty.

Also, if your badge requires a lot of detail, we can implement our woven or dye sublimated techniques. Woven patches use thinner thread to achieve more detail and dye sublimated patches use dye instead of thread, so each molecule can be a different color (this method achieves the greatest detail).

For examples of some of our badge patches, click here, and please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or need help with your design.