The Many Uses of Scout Patches


girl Service Troop patchAt American Patch, we love making custom scout patches for our Boy Scouts and Girl Service Troop; these patches let them express who they really are and the pride they have for their organization. The most common uses for these patches that we’ve encountered tend to be:


Whether it’s Girl Service Troops and Boy Scouts, scout members work hard to achieve their goals, and one of the most exciting parts of completing an achievement is being able to display it as a patch and wear it proudly. Scout patches can be custom-made to represent your goals in the best possible way, including unique shapes, color schemes, and images.


Camping trips are some of the best experiences as a scout, and having a patch that celebrates a memorable camping trip means you’ll never forget your adventure. Design your own Boy Scout and Girl Service Troop patches for an upcoming trip or for one that commemorates a past one.


Girl Service Troops and Boy Scouts are full of parties and celebrations, and fun patches can help you always remember them. Design your very own patches for birthday parties, cookie parties, pizza parties, bowling parties, and more.

Rankboy scout patch

When it comes to scout uniforms, one of the most important patches is your rank. Whether you’re a brownie or a senior, a tenderfoot or an eagle, your rank patch tells everyone who you are and what you’ve accomplished. With so many colors to choose from and details you can include, your custom rank patches will make a statement and represent who you are.


There’s so much to learn in both Girl Service Troops and Boy Scouts, and by creating your very own patch for each new piece of information, you can build a collection of knowledge. Design a patch that commemorates you learning a new language, participating in career day, celebrating another culture, and more.


Who doesn’t love a holiday bash? From Halloween to Christmas to the 4th of July, your holiday patches can be created with many different colors and in nearly any shape and size to give you a great way to remember the holiday.

Troop Numbers

Every troop is unique in Girl Service Troops and Boy Scouts, and each member will proudly wear their troop number on their uniform, but why not create your very own unique patch? Custom troop patches can present a troop’s personality and make you recognizable to other troops.