How Long Do Iron-On Patches Last?

How Long Do Iron-On Patches Last

Iron-on patches are a simple and affordable way to individualize clothing, baggage, and other personal belongings, and at American Patch, we specialize in designing and manufacturing premium iron-on patches that last. How long do iron-on patches last is one of the common questions we get from customers interested in this patch style, and a precise answer depends on a number of factors.

Types of Iron-On Patches

There are several types of iron-on patches, and how long do iron-on patches last depends on which style you choose. Traditional iron-on patches can last between two and three years with some maintenance. Heat transfer vinyl or HTV patches typically last between one and two years with similar care, and iron-on patches with adhesive backing will generally last between six to 12 months.

Material Quality and Manufacturing Process Matter

Not all patches are created equal, and one of the reasons you should choose American Patch is that we work closely with our clients to ensure that they choose the ideal patch for them, and then we use premium materials, and our proven and refined manufacturing process ensures a top-quality patch. If you choose a patch made with cheaper materials and less care, the patch lifespan will be much shorter.

Taking Care of Your Iron-On Patches

Our estimates for how long do iron-on patches last are made with the expectation that the customer will perform routine maintenance. This includes cleaning by hand as needed and watching for any wear that you may be able to correct before it worsens into more lasting damage. Adhere to our recommendations for washing and drying. Wash the clothing or other material only as often as is absolutely needed, and avoid rough washing and drying cycles and strong detergents.

The Application Process

How you apply your iron-on patches will have an effect on how long they last as well. Consider the material you’re applying the patch to carefully. Cotton and wool, for instance, tend to do well with iron-on patches whereas patches on polyester and silk won’t hold up as well. Follow our instructions carefully when it comes to factors like temperature and pressure, and take your time.

How Do You Clean an Iron-On Patch?

Never use bleach, and avoid stain removers. Instead, wash by hand using cold water and mild detergent, such as dish soap. Clean the dirty area in soft circles, and allow the patch to air dry.

Order Your Iron-On Patches

Other great reasons to choose American Patch for your iron-on patches is that we provide free quotes, samples, and U.S. shipping. You can expect fast turnaround times and high-quality patches that will stand the test of time. Call us today or contact us online if you have any additional questions about how long do iron-on patches last, or about your patch options.