American Patch Designs Custom Hook & Loop Police Patches

Custom Hook & Loop Police Patches
When you design custom Hook & Loop police patches for your police force, there are a few design rules to keep in mind. Since they are worn by every member of your team, you need them to represent the community you serve. Sharp and to-the-point messaging is the classic tradition of police patches. Thankfully, there is a lengthy history of police patches to get inspiration from.

Creating Custom Hook & Loop Police Patches

Most police patches and badges follow similar design rules. Typically, they are shaped like a shield. The state seal features prominently, and so does the name of the police force. While colors and images vary, the style remains consistent. Unique designs are usually used when designing for special units, like SWAT teams. These are meant to show unity within the group.

Sample Police Patches

Choosing Custom Hook & Loop Police Patches

Are Hook & Loop patches right for your police department? Our Hook & Loop patches are popular with police departments because they are durable. They last through harsh weather and multiple washings. They have the classic look that they need and last for many years. Custom Hook & Loop police patches display the pride and strength of your force. We can make virtually any size, shape, or design, especially for your police department. We also make patches for EMTs, fire departments, and other public safety organizations.

Any Patch For Any Reason

American Patch has years of experience making custom patches. Police departments across the nation trust us to deliver the highest quality patch, and we offer several advantages. After you send us your custom design, we will provide you with a free quote. Then we create a sample for your approval. Most other patch makers only make a graphic simulation, but we make the physical patch so you can see it. We do not begin any order until you’re happy with the sample patch first.

Once we complete your order, we ship it to you for free in the United States. It’s that simple. We take great pride in our work and want to make the perfect custom patches for you. Contact us today for a free quote, and soon you will have the patches you’ve always wanted.