A Woven Patch vs. Embroidered Patch

woven vs. embroidered patch

Woven Patch

woven vs. embroidered patch

Embroidered Patch

At American Patch, we create patches using three different techniques: weaving, embroidery, and dye. Woven and embroidered patches both use thread to give you a more traditional looking patch than dyed patches. However, the two have their differences. Here, we explain a woven patch vs. embroidered patch:


While both woven and embroidered patches are created using thread, there’s a difference in the thread we use. The goal of embroidered patches is to offer a unique depth, so we use a thicker style of thread. With woven patches, however, the goal is to create a smoother look, so we use a thinner thread. Both styles of thread are durable and boldly colorful, but when woven together, they create two separate one-of-a-kind looks.


When you think about a patch, you likely picture it having a plain white or colored backing. This is a traditional substrate that we use in all of our embroidered patches. We embroider thread onto a substrate to create a patch with a classic thickness. Woven patches, on the other hand, don’t use a substate. Instead, we weave the threads together and the finished product becomes the patch. This technique yields a thinner, more flexible patch.


When it comes to a woven patch vs. embroidered patch, the style you choose may depend on the amount of detail in your artwork. If you’re looking for a finely detailed patch, the thicker threads of our embroidered style may not be able to display the details you want. A woven patch, however, offers a thinner thread and no substrate. This lets us achieve finer features. If your artwork has things like numbers, letters, or simply small characteristics, a woven patch may be the best choice.

No matter which patch type you choose, you can bet that we’ll craft it with the highest quality materials. We want your patches to be works of art, which is why we take the time to weave or embroider them carefully. Custom patches are perfect for any purpose. Start by getting a free quote today.