4 Ways to Wear Your Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are making a big comeback and fashion-forward individuals are coming up with new and creative ways to wear theirs. Here, our embroidered patch company shares some great ideas for sprucing up your clothing or accessories: 

In a Unique Location

Patches are usually attached to large, blank areas like the back of a jacket, the knees on a pair of jeans, the front of a baseball hat, or on a backpack. Try something different and sew or iron your patch onto a unique location – some of our favorites are sleeves, elbows, hemlines, collars, bag straps, and the back of hats. You’ll give your clothing or accessory an unexpected focal point. 

On an Unconventional Material

Most people attach their patches to the denim in their jeans or jacket or the canvas on their backpack or tote bag. While this is a great idea, why not incorporate a patch onto a material that’s not as common? Spruce up your pleather bomber jacket, add some pizzaz to your sneakers, sew a few onto your cotton skirt, or even personalize your purse to add some creativity to your wardrobe.

In Groups

While one large patch is a great focal point, don’t be afraid to go a little overboard and use lots of patches to create a statement. Group similar patches together (like a variety of flowers or flags) or mix and match different patches for an even bolder look. This is an especially great idea if the garment you’re decorating is old, worn, or in need of repair – lots of patches can bring it back to life.

Paired with the Right Garment

There are many different material textures that you can use as the base for your patches, so don’t discount the texture that the patches bring to it as well. For example, a distressed patch or a patch with muted colors can add a worn look to your garment while a felt patch can add vintage flair. On the other end, detailed dye sublimated patches can create a modern look.

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*Photo courtesy of 2.bp.blogspot.com