Create the Best Patches for Your Clothes

Patches for Clothes

From the streets of New York City to the runways of Milan, patches are now a bona fide fashion accessory. Most people purchase ready-to-wear clothing featuring eye catching patches from chain stores but finding clothes that reflect who you are as an individual is a struggle. Patches for clothes showcase the wearer’s originality. And if you design your own patches with American Patch, it guarantees you a one-of-a-kind outfit.

There are other wonderful reasons to create patches for clothes. Patches are a perfect way to mend an item of clothing you just can’t say goodbye to. If you are in a band or a club, it is a handy way to show pride or promote it. And you can put patches on virtually any item of clothing or bags. This includes hats, jackets, and book bags. Read on to learn about the patches you can create to spice up your wardrobe!

Patches For Clothes from American Patch

American Patch has a wide variety of patch styles to suit your needs including:

  • Embroidered patches are the most traditional style. We sew various colored threads on to a fabric substrate to create your unique design. Create a design in almost any size or shape and we can make it into an embroidered patch.
  • Woven patches are beautiful. We weave threads on a loom to create the patch. This style of patch is perfect for detailed designs. There is no substrate fabric, so it is thinner than the other patches and they are very easy to sew on clothing.
  • Dye Sublimation patches are very modern. We print fabric with special dyes to create images that are nearly photographic quality. Almost any color or shade works.
  • Combination patches use both dye-sublimation technology and embroidery. It is a stunning blend of photo-realism and the more traditional look of embroidered patches.
  • We offer custom felt, PVC, blank, and bullion crest patches as well.

Patch Backings for Clothes

Patch BackingWe also offer several types of backings to choose from. For folks who can’t sew, iron-on backings are a definite favorite. We create the backing with special heat-activated glue. It works best on cotton, polyester blends, and denim. All you need is an iron to attach it.

If you are handy with a thread and needle, a woven patch without backing is fabulous. Because the patch is thinner than the others, it blends perfectly into the garment once it’s sewn on.

Hook & Loop patches are excellent for hats and outerwear. They are sturdy and stay attached to your clothes through countless washings. Pin backings are perfect for removable patches you can transfer to different articles of clothing.

Stand Out With Unique Custom Patches

After you have selected the perfect design for your patches for clothes, contact us at American Patch to get a free quote. We always provide you with a physical sample of your patches before we create them, and shipping in the U.S. is free. We look forward to creating your unique custom patches and can’t wait to hear from you!