10 Awesome Biker Patches

When people think “embroidered patches,” they often think biker jackets with a slew of patches sewn on to show support for a certain club or cause. We love helping people create their own biker patches, but we also love discovering the biker patches other companies have made. Here are some of our favorites:

Skull Web

We thought it was really cool how Hot Leathers made the spider web form the shape of the skeleton’s face.

American Hawgs

We thought this pig looked great with his earrings and old-school biker helmet. Way to go, Barney’s Leathers.


biker patch

This rattlesnake wrapped around parts of a motorcycle is a pretty unique patch by The Cheap Place. His coloring is also really cool.

Pirate Skull

biker patch

The details in this pirate skull patch we found on Ebay are awesome – from the shading in the face to the bottoms of the guns.


biker patch

We were so used to finding skulls and “hogs,” that we thought this bear patch from The Cheap Place was pretty cool.

Grim Reaper

biker patch

This take on the Grim Reaper by the Embroidered Patch Webstore is neat – and we also like the royal blue cloak.

Veteran Biker

biker patch

This is a great patch from Reflections of Honor if you’re looking to combine being a veteran with being a biker.

Live Free, Ride Free

biker patch

We love the details in this Monster Marketplace patch. The eagle’s feathers look really neat and the alternating red and blue lines in the background add dimension.

Skull Design

biker patch

It’s always neat to find a patch that’s long in length instead of height. That’s why we liked this one from Rude Dog Leathers.


biker patch

We thought this patch from the Embroidered Patches Webstore was different and liked the way the cards were “melting.”