What Material Can You Iron Patches On?

Iron on Patches

Now that you have created the perfect iron-on patch, it is time to put it on your clothing or accessories. The first question you may ask is, “what material can you iron patches on”? Most materials can have patches on them, but some exceptions exist.

What Material Can You Iron Patches On – Clothing

The best fabric for iron-on patches on clothing is cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber that can withstand high heat. Since you may have to use your iron on high, cotton can easily withstand the heat. Some poly-cotton blends are acceptable for patches. Check the item’s tag to see the temperature allowance for ironing. You may not want to use this item if it states to not iron or only iron on a cool setting. Materials that are “wrinkle-free” are not very good for iron-on patches. Loosely woven materials and many knit fabrics will not hold a patch. Tightly woven knits, like t-shirt materials, will be good for iron-on patches. Some other natural materials, like wool, may be good for ironing. However, if it is a textured material, you may wish to test out the iron on the item first to see if it changes the appearance of the material. Use the iron at the desired setting for the patch on the inner seam of the item to see if there are any changes. If there are, do not put the patch on. Testing it in this manner will help you avoid ruining the item.
Iron on Patches

What Material Can You Iron Patches On – Accessories

Many types of accessories would look great with an iron-on patch. Apply the same techniques to your accessories as you would clothing. Check the material it is made from and whether it can withstand iron heat before you put the patch on the item. When asking yourself, “what material can you iron patches on”, you should never put an iron-on patch on leather or fake leather items. Avoid nylon and similar plastic materials. Always check the material labels of the item to see what the manufacturer recommends for heat.

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