Learn How to Apply Iron On Patches

Iron On Patches
American Patch makes several different types of patches, and one of our most popular for ease of use and versatility is iron on patches. They are an excellent choice for troops, hats, unique crafts, uniforms, or even to mend torn clothes. American Patch can create nearly any custom patch based on your design no matter the size, shape or colors, and they are easy to apply. We use a unique heat activated backing that adheres strongly to fabric.

Applying Iron On Patches

Before you begin, note that heat seal patches work best on more durable fabrics such as denim, sturdy cottons and polyester blends. An easy way to gauge whether the fabric is suitable for an iron on patch is that it’s as heavy as the patch material.

It is possible to attach iron on patches with a household iron, but you will need to use enough heat, pressure and time. You cannot wave an iron over the patch to get it to hold. For the best application, we recommend using a heat press. If you follow all of these instructions, applying your patch will be simple.

Heat Seal Instructions

Test your garment to ensure that high temperatures will not cause damage to the fabric. Especially to synthetics such as nylon.

  • Set the heat press machine between 360 and 370 degrees (F)
  • Place the patch on garment for application
  • Cover the emblem with wax paper
  • Apply pressure for approximately 18 seconds with 40 PSI foam under garment

Caring For Iron On Patches

Now that your patch is firmly attached to the fabric, make sure the garment is only laundered using cool water. Hot temperatures can reactivate the glue which holds the patch in place, causing it to come loose. The American Patch team would be delighted to create your custom designed iron on patches. Contact us today to get started.