Easy No-Sew Gift Ideas, Part 1

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It’s easy to buy something for your friend, lover, or family member, but how often do they receive homemade gifts? In this two-part blog series, our custom patches company shares some of our favorite no-sew gifts that are easy to make and are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more.

Pillowcase Tote Bag

Turn a king-sized pillowcase into a tote! Lay the pillowcase flat, with the open end at the bottom. Fold the bottom up about halfway and cut holes in the back layer and the back side of the open end. String a long piece of string (this will be the strap) through the holes and knot tightly. Turn the bag over and attach the bottom two corners together using the same method. Create a “boho” look by gathering up the middle of the top flap and wrapping some fabric around it to create a tassel.

Lavender Sachets

Make your friend or family member’s dresser drawers smell great day in and day out with homemade lavender sachets. Gather up some fabric squares (we recommend using 5″x5″ or 6″x6″ squares), some dried lavender, and some ribbon. Place the lavender in the center of your square, then bring all of the corners up to meet each other and tie a ribbon around the middle to finish.

Custom T-Shirt

You can never have enough t-shirts! Customize a plain tee using masking tape and fabric paint to create a one-of-a-kind gift. Place a piece of cardboard in between the t-shirt so that your paint doesn’t go through both layers, then tape off the type of design you want. Use a sponge to press your paint onto the t-shirt and let dry. Remove the tape and admire your custom piece of clothing.

Covered Throw Pillow

If you can tie a knot, you can make a pretty covered throw pillow. Lay your pillow down in the middle of a large rectangle of fabric. Fold the fabric over the pillow so that it meets in the middle, then fold the ends into triangular points. Bring the two points together over the pillow and knot them. Tuck the ends in and you’ll be left with a pillow case that looks like a bow.

Makeup Bag

Just grab some strong fabric, a zipper, and glue to create a cute travel-sized makeup bag. Cut a 15″x10″ piece of fabric and turn it upside-down. Place your zipper in the middle of the fabric (right-side up) and place a bead of glue down the edges. Fold the ends of your fabric over about one inch and attach the folded parts to the glue. Let dry, then turn inside out and glue the sides of your bag together. Let dry and turn it right side-out again.

Fabric Message Board

Cover a cork board with a large piece of fabric and glue the ends down in the back to create a crafty message board. If the cork board has a frame, you can glue the fabric up against it to make it stand out. You can also decorate the corners with gold- or silver-painted “L” brackets and screws for a more finished look.

Phone/Sunglasses Case

Create a handy phone or sunglasses case with faux leather fabric and some fabric glue. Measure the phone or sunglasses that the case will hold. Double the height number and add 3.5″; add 1″ to the width. Cut a long piece of faux fabric to your measurements and lay the fabric down upside-down. Measure 2.5″ from the top (for your flap) and fold up the bottom of the fabric to this line. Place a bead of fabric glue on the inside along the sides and press the ends together. Cut your flap to your desired shape, then attach a snap to create a closure.

Do you have a favorite no-sew project? We’d love to hear about it!

*Photo courtesy of cremedelacraft.com