8 Easy Summer Crafts

yarn crafts

What better way to spend the summer than making crafts with your friends or family? Our embroidered patch company scoured the Internet and found some great DIY summer crafts that only require a few materials and some creativity. Let us know which ones you try and how they come out!

Thread Art

If you’ve got a piece of wood (ideally at least an inch thick), colored thread, and some nails, then you’ve got the materials for a piece of thread art. Choose a simple shape like a heart or your home state and outline the shape with nails (hammer them about 1.5 inches apart). Then, take your thread and wrap it from one nail to another, moving across the image. When you’re done it should look like this.

Revamped Flip-Flops

If you have a pair of old flip flops you want to revamp, cut the tabs underneath that attach the straps and remove the straps. Then, grab some fabric (a few inches thick) in any color (or multiple!) and cut two long strips. Thread both strips through the top hole and knot them on the bottom so that they don’t come through. Tie both in one big knot about an inch from the flip flop. (This is the part that will go in between your toes.) Then, tie another knot about half an inch from the first. Split the two piece of fabric and thread each one through each hole on the sides of the flip flop, then knot on the bottom.

Teacup Candles

This craft only requires an old teacup, a wick, and some candle wax. Simply place a wick in the middle of an empty teacup, melt the wax until it’s a liquid, and then pour it into the cup (just make sure you don’t knock the wick over). These are great to give as gifts!

Toiletries Holder

This holder will come in very handy on your summer vacation: All you need is a hand towel, some thread, and some ribbon. Lay the hand towel down horizontally and fold up the bottom about halfway. Then, using either a sewing machine or by hand, sew along the edges to make a big pocket. Measure out a few pockets (about 4 or 5) big enough for things like toothpaste, a toothbrush, a comb, etc. and sew up from the bottom of the towel to the top of the folded edge. Sew two pieces of ribbon (one 18″, one 12″) on the underside of the towel in the middle so that when you roll the towel up, you can secure it with a bow. Here’s how it should look.

Homemade Mugs

If you know any tea or coffee drinkers, these mugs make perfect gifts. Simply draw a unique design on a ceramic mug with a Sharpie marker and then bake the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees to seal the design. (Just don’t put them in the dishwasher or the design will start fading.)

Summer Lace Shorts

Transform an old pair of jean shorts into ones with a feminine flair. Simply cut a large triangle from each side of the shorts (from the seam to the hem). Then, pick out a piece of lacey fabric (the less fragile, the better) and place it behind the triangle, making it the same length as the shorts. Pin it down, then turn the shorts inside out and sew along the cut mark you made (to both secure the lace and prevent the cuts from fraying).

Tshirt Scarf

Grab a large, plain colored tshirt and some scissors to make this scarf. First, lay the tshirt flat and cut off the bottom hem. Then cut straight across from armpit to armpit (you’ll only need the bottom of the shirt). Cut the bottom of the shirt into 1-inch wide strips and stretch each loop out several times to make them more like skinny strings. Put three loops off to the side, then cut the rest to make long strips. Gather all of the strings together and tie a loop around all of them with one of the strips you set aside. Then, divide the strips into three parts and braid. Once you get halfway done, tie a loop around the bottom of the braid using another strip you set aside. Use your third strip to tie the free ends to the braided end (to make the scarf shape) and cut off any excess fabric.

Beaded Bracelet

All you need for this bracelet is safety pins, elastic string, and beads (preferably small). Open up a safety pin and string the beads onto the needle (leaving room to close it). Do this to as many as you’d like, then string elastic through both the closure holes and the rounded holes of the pins. Tie both pieces of elastic together to form a round bracelet. Here is the tutorial.