26 Summer Sewing Ideas

custom patches

Looking for something crafty to do this summer? Our custom patches company scoured the internet to find some festive do-it-yourself projects that are perfect for a summer afternoon:

Beach Cover-Up

Chances are you’ll be heading to the beach sometime this summer, so why not show off your very own beach cover-up?

Scalloped Kimono Shawl

T-Shirt Tunic

Scarf Wrap Dress

Wine Gift Bag

Have a party to go to this summer? Wine makes a great gift and a homemade wine bag makes it even better.

Stenciled Canvas Bag

Quilted Bag

Handled Fabric Bag

Summer Pillows

What better way to say “summer” than to decorate your living room, family room, bedroom, porch, or other area with festive pillows?

Terrycloth Pillows

Shore-Themed Pillows

Pillow Sleeves

Laptop Sleeve

Make your very own laptop sleeve to protect it when you go on your summer vacation.

Buttoned Fleece Sleeve

Zippered Fabric Sleeve

Upcycled Blazer Sleeve

Table Runner

If you’re entertaining this summer, a table runner is a great way to add a touch of elegance to any table.

Easy Pineapple Runner

Any Fabric Runner

Quilted Watermelon Runner

Towel Tote

A trip to the beach requires a towel, some sunscreen, sunglasses, and a book or two. Make this towel tote and you can carry it all in one place.

Pocket Towel Tote

Pillow Towel Tote

Fabric Clutch

If you’re in need of a new stylish clutch for your summer nights out, why not make your own and show it off?

Envelope Clutch

Zippered Fold-Over Clutch

Bow Clutch


Homemade coasters are quick, easy, and can be made out of virtually any fabric. Choose ones that complement your decor.

Fabric Coasters

Upcycled Denim Coasters (no-sew)

Quilted Coasters

Toiletries Travel Case

Pack all of your toiletries into a convenient travel case for all of your trips this season.

Zippered Case

Fabric Caddy

Triple-Pocket Case

As a bonus, you could always order your very own custom patches from American Patch and use them to add flair to your jeans, back pack, hat, jacket, or even any of the above sewing projects!