Sew On Patches

American Patch & Emblem Company creates completely customizable, high quality sew on patches. Our products are the perfect solution for all of your sew on patch needs. They can be created from virtually any design, in any color combination and any size. These patches are cost effective, but are created to epitomize craftsmanship. American Patch & Emblem Company makes patches using the finest twill and fade-resistant threads to keep your sew on patches looking brand new for years to come.

You Choose Sizes, Colors and Styles

Our sew on patches are available in a wide range of sizes from less than one inch to sixteen inches. The size of the patch is an important factor to consider when creating your design. How you intend to use it will help with this decision. The variety of sizes we offer make our patches perfect for specific applications. Finding the ideal size for a specific garment is crucial in your selection process, because you don’t want the patch to be too large or too small. We provide you with the ability to select the size you need that will make your garments look their best.

Sew on patches from American Patch & Emblem Company have been commissioned for many groups, including law enforcement, youth sports, and even paintball teams. These patches make excellent gifts as well. Many people have ordered sew on patches as memorabilia for a one time event, to honor a memory or to mark the completion of an achievement. Sew on patches are often created as a special tribute. Memorial patches are a meaningful and unique way to pay tribute to someone your organization or family has lost. An existing patch or design can be re-created and could be the perfect gift for someone close to you.

Unique Patches

Sew On Patches

Sew on patches are made directly from your design. If you are not sure what you want your design to look like, our world class patch counselors can give you some direction by showing you proper layouts, fonts and images that you can use to create your vision for the ideal patch. The staff at American Patch & Emblem Company would be happy to offer input so that you end up with a fantastic final product. The number of thread colors we offer brings endless possibilities to your design. Your final product can be impressively unique. The detail we can offer with our sew on patches will bring a great amount of visual impact. Their brilliant colors and clear pictures give them an eye catching ability.

We offer a variety of choices for the materials that you can use to customize your sew on patches, including bullion embroidery. A bullion crest uses silver and gold wire to create a detailed embroidery, which makes them look very distinguished. Bullion crest embroidery is traditionally used for military and police purposes, but would also be deemed appropriate for a variety of other situations.

When embroidery is not the best option, designs can also be created through the dye sublimation process. This is recommended for patches with too much detail for embroidery. Patches can also be woven to crisply display tiny details. Our patches will be durable for many years of use, since they are made with threads that are resilient to fraying and fading, if they are properly maintained. These sew on patches are designed to be either machine washable or dry cleaning safe, depending upon your needs.

Some of the Finest Patches Available

American Patch & Emblem Company wants to deliver a high quality and unique product for your special application. We have a strong base of loyal clients, many of whom place repeat and recurring orders due to their satisfaction with our products, pricing and ability to manufacture our patches quickly. We have the capability to handle any size orders. We are confident that our products will serve you well.