Biker Patches

American Patch & Emblem Company has the capability to create a variety of different styles for biker patches. If your motorcycle club is looking for a custom made patch to commemorate your membership, our patches are high quality and affordable. We give you the chance to have a patch created that is unique to your individual specifications for size, layout, image use, color scheme and text. American Patch & Emblem Company gives you the freedom to be creative so that you can have biker patches made for your motorcycle group that will capture its uniqueness.

Choose from Our Styles

We offer you several styles for biker patches. The different styles for patches will determine the appearance of the patch, as well as the detail that will be available for the fonts and images that are used on the patch. Our woven biker patches will give you very distinct detail on a very small surface. If you are looking for biker patches that are smaller in size, but are still clearly readable, our woven patches will be perfect for your application. The construction of these types of biker patches allow them to deliver visibility that is very impressive.

Biker Patches

If you are looking to design biker patches with a wide range of colors for the images you choose, dye-sublimation patches from American Patch & Emblem Company might be the ideal option for you. These patches are subjected to a special chemical dying process that allows us to alter the appearance of the patch on a molecular level. The end result is brilliantly clear biker patches with outstanding color displays. This process also is a great way to create a patch that will stand strong against fading or fraying.

Our selection of embroidered biker patches produce a classic appearance that is very dignified. The embroidery on these patches is craft fully implemented on your choice of twill backing material. We have modernized equipment that will allow us to make the embroidery that is used for the fonts and images on your biker patches to be distinctly eye catching. We allow you to choose 8 different colors for your embroidered biker patches from a selection of 120 thread colors. More colors can be added to your design for an additional charge. This will give you the options you need to design embroidered biker patches that meet your exact specifications for color schemes.

Unique Patches for Your Application

When you want quality biker patches for your individual application that are created according to your preference, then you want biker patches from American Patch & Emblem Company. Making custom biker patches is our specialty. The patches we create are world class quality and will look outstanding for many years to come.